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Dedicate A Torah For Uman

by Chaim Kramer

Rebbe Nachman made an unprecedented promise: “Whoever comes to my grave, recites the Ten Chapters of Psalms and gives something to charity, I will extend myself the length and breadth of Creation for him; by his peyot (sidelocks), I will pull him out of Gehinnom!”

For this reason, the Breslov Research BRI has pioneered bringing English speakers to Uman to be with Rebbe Nachman for Rosh Hashanah.

And to help make this life-altering experience easier for English speakers, we established our humble base in 2001, which we fondly call the “Ritz-Carton”.

Our “Ritz-Carton” gives first-time Uman-goers a “relatively” comfortable place to stay. We provide English speakers with a mikvah, a kosher kitchen, and a dining hall where we can tell our stories and share the miracles that brought us to Rebbe Nachman.

We also host a friendly minyan and a kollelthat features all-day learning with some of the greatest Breslov teachers from around the world. Yet since its inception, every year the Ritz must seek a congregation to “lend” us a Sefer Torah to bring along with us on the trip. Now, this Rosh HaShanah we hope to have our own Sefer Torah, a Sefer Torah especially for Uman.

We invite you to participate in the tremendous mitzvah of dedicating a Sefer Torah to be used right down the block from Rebbe Nachman’s gravesite. Your sponsorship of the Ritz-Carton Sefer Torah will help support BRI’s many activities in Uman, including our kollel learning and our hosted meals and refreshments in our newly-expanded Ritz dining room.

We’re offering both individual and family sponsorships of the weekly parashah readings. As a sponsor, you’ll receive a commemorative certificate naming your supported parashah. Your name will also appear on a scroll of honor on the wall of the BRI Kollel Study Hall.

Plus, a member of the BRI team will recite Tikkun HaKlali on your behalf at Rebbe Nachman’s gravesite.

Please consider sponsoring a parashah in memory of loved ones, in honor of friends, or to commemorate a special occasion. Click here to dedicate a parashah,  or call our office at 1-800-332-7375 for an updated list of availabilities.

Thank you for joining us in our Sefer Torah dedication, and enabling us to provide a warm and welcoming home away from home for English-speakers in Uman!

Wishing you a happy, healthy and sweet New Year!

Rabbi Chaim Kramer

Founder, Breslov Research Institute

P.S. We really hope to see you this year at the Ritz. If you are unable to make the trip, please consider making a Tzadakah contribution as a way of participating in Rebbe Nachman’s Rosh HaShanah gathering.

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