“Know and remember this well, my son: man came into the world only to believe in God. This is the reason for his creation and why the entire world and everything in it, which is dependent on man, was created.”

Letter #43 Healing Leaves

“Everything that is currently happening to us is intended to arouse us from our sleep, so that we will begin anew, to walk in His holy ways, to come close to Him and return to God from wherever we are.”

Letter #167 Healing Leaves

“For the time being, know and remember well every day that God is great and that His greatness is infinite. Every moment of every day, entirely new and miraculous things are being created and are taking place in the world. All this is to inform, to hint at and to remind each person about God’s greatness and sovereignty, so that every single person, wherever he is, can attach himself to God at any time, any hour, any moment ~ whenever he wishes.”

Letter #272 Healing Leaves

Healing Leaves by Yitzchok Leib Bell is adapted from Reb Noson of Breslov’s famous Alim LiTerufah (Leaves of Healing).

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