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West Coast / Los Angeles Siyum – Jan. 27

by breslov.org

Save the date: Sunday, January 27th @ 6 PM at the Moshe Ganz Hall. The evening will feature live music, dancing, good food and we will hear words of inspiration from Rabbi Chaim Kramer, Rabbi Jonathan Rietti and Rabbi Elchonon Tauber who is the evening’s honoree.

There will be a special video welcome by Prof. Elie Wiesel and a video entitled the Sun Never Sets on the Breslov Empire shown.

The Breslov Research Instititute has spent the last 30 years working on translating and annotating the Likutey Moharan into English and this Siyum is a very special occasion! We all hope that this joyous event will bring everyone together and we will be happy to announce the next big project: Likutey Halachot.

RSVP: 323.937.0980 – [email protected]click here to reserve online.

Hoping to wish you a Mazel Tov at the event,

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