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What Gets the Good Going

by Yehudis Golshevsky

BRI’s NarrowBridge.Org sends out twice weekly inspiration providing a regular dose of hope, meaning and courage. These emails include small doses of Rebbe Nachman’s wisdom, enabling us to get through the week in a more spiritual way. 

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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…


Reb Nosson wrote: “’Trust in G-d and do good’—in order to do good, a person must trust in G-d, both regarding his livelihood and in order to muster his own inner strength. For a person requires enormous trust in G-d’s kindness and in His abundant, inexhaustible compassion. One who sincerely trusts in G-d’s kindness is able to do much good.”
(Healing Leaves, p. 40)


What does this mean to me?


There are many projects that I’ve undertaken in my life that I would never have had the courage to walk into if I had not placed my trust in G-d. There were times when my trust was weaker, and my life was much less rich for it; without trust, I didn’t have the strength to attempt things that seemed so far beyond my ability. As my faith and trust have deepened, I have become more empowered and more free to attempt many things that seem daunting.
With trust, I realize that they’re only daunting to me—they’re not daunting to G-d at all.

A prayer:


Almighty G-d,
Source of
all the energy of life,
without You I am helpless.
Give me the courage—
the physical drive,
the emotional energy,
and the spiritual will—
to risk in order to grow,
to welcome every challenge
as my life unfolds.

(From The Gentle Weapon*, p. 4)

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Your Comments:

I love reading the poetry of the gentle weapon; thank you for sharing it.
I have hardly any time to read, and the length of your emails seem to be always right on time.

Thank you- I enjoy reading your inspirational prayers and explanations of Rabbi Nachman.
Question from RV: Is this geared for women?
YG answered: It is geared for anyone and everyone!

That was awesome!

Thanks so much for your emails. I am based in England and I regularly convert the emails into SMS text messages which I send on to a number of friends and acquaintances…
I hope this ‘yofutzu’ is acceptable to you!

Thanks again and be successful in spreading the daas of the holy rebbe in the world,

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