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When Will My Prayers Feel Real?

by Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

Rebbe Nachman explains in Likutey Moharan 76 that when you trust in Hashem and look only to Him for all your needs, you form a vessel with which you can receive His blessings. Then what you need will be sent to you when you require it.

This is a very high level of bitachon (trust.) What is trust? Applied emunah (faith.)

Living with trust in Hashem is applying your faith in Hashem. We have faith in our hearts and minds, but we express trust with our actions.

Now, it doesn’t mean just because we trust in Hashem that we don’t have to do necessary hishtadlus, the practical actions that contribute to creating this vessel. However, the higher a person’s level of faith and trust, the less he or she needs to do in order to receive blessings.

This is an internal shift more than an external shift.  It’s something we should meditate on, discuss with our friends and talk to Hashem about.

“How do I trust You, Hashem, to send me everything I need?” We can begin by looking at what we have already and how Hashem has sustained us until this point. Sometimes when we’re going through a tough time, we forget that many of our needs if not most of our needs have actually been fulfilled and are currently being fulfilled. When we reflect on that this increases our future trust.

May you be blessed with a day where you are able to live your faith with trust and hope.

Today’s mini lesson is dedicated to Elana Chava bas Chaya, Avraham ben Elana Chava and Mordechai ben Elana Chava.  May they be blessed with hatzlachah. To join the daily WhatsApp group and receive audio formats of these mini-lessons, use this invitation.

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