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You Can Make A Difference!

by Yehudis Golshevsky

Share the Wealth

All of the souls of the Jewish people are bound together into a single, organic structure. So when one of us shifts position to a higher place by overcoming a negative thought or act, it winds up having a positive effect on the entirety of the structure.

All souls are linked, so when one moves “up,” the one that was next above it is nudged a big higher, and the one that was below it is pulled up a bit too, and every shift—no matter how minor—ripples outward along the entire framework.

So in the privacy of my own mind, a moment of self-restraint, of purity, of growth isn’t just a gift to myself—it’s shared with every other Jewish soul.
Dear G-d,
please help me to remember that no two souls can exist
in the exact same position at the same time.
When I shift, everyone moves with me.
Please help me to keep this thought in my mind,
because sometimes I’m willing to make that extra effort
for someone else’s sake,
even if not for my own.

(Based on Likutei Moharan I:27)

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