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by Ozer Bergman

I returned from Uman shortly before dawn last Monday (18 Sivan/31 May). Arkia Airlines has recently started flights between Tel Aviv and Kiev. Occasionally, as happened last week, they offer low-priced tickets. I paid $270. A number of other Breslover chassidim that I met on the plane paid only $250. One passenger paid a measly $210!

The plane was comfortable and clean; the service was very good; the food was good (but they served a sandwich rather than a meal).

This is not an ad for Arkia, so why am I telling you this? It’s an ad for going to Uman! For those of you can’t afford a big ticket trip, or don’t want to go when there is a big crowd, I strongly urge you to go with a small group of friends.

The logistics of housing, feeding and traveling to other kivrei tzaddikim (grave sites of tzaddikim) within Ukraine (such as the Baal Shem Tov in Medzbuz, Reb Noson in Breslov), is simple, and it’s less expensive when you share the various costs. And it’s usually more enjoyable.

The weather in Ukraine is certainly easier this time of year, as compared to winter! The days are long. (Sunrise when I was there was before 5AM; sunset was 8:50PM!) The effect is quite calming. You can really get a better sense of where you are on your journey and where you need to do to shore things up and straighten things out.

And of course, saying the Tikkun HaKlali at Rebbe Nachman’s grave site and earning his guarantee to do what he can to save you from Gehenna is worth “the price of admission.” (Many Breslovers say that the Rebbe has already pulled them out of the Gehenna that this world is!)

Mayanot Chaim and Derech Tzaddikim travel agencies in Jerusalem, Errol and Bergstein in Beit Shemesh (I think that’s where they are) can help you to arrange for tickets and reliable, competent, honest drivers to take you to and from the airport in Kiev to Uman (and back), as well trips to Medzbuz etc.

gei gezunderheit und koom tzurik gezunderheit und g’poelt alles gut!
tzeitzkhem l’Shalom u’voakhem l’Shalom!

Go in peace and return in peace and may all your prayers be answered for the good, soon, swiftly and in the best possible way. Amen!

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Chezi Gerin January 2, 2011 - 3:16 am

Shalom shalom!

I would love to go to Uman for Rosh Hashanah or just a random trip during the year. I live in NY, and I would like to know if you know of the most economical way of getting to Uman, accommodations, etc.

Kol Tuv

Chezi Gerin

Chaim Burman March 13, 2012 - 9:46 am

Dear friends!

We are pleased to inform you about the opening a first and brand new kosher hotel in Kiev, Ukraine located in the historic city center near the Main synagogue.
We are glad to offer 15 comfortable two-bed rooms and 6 superior rooms, Wi-Fi, kosher restaurant, a multi-functional hall for celebrations and conferences for 200 persons, a kosher shop, a mikvah, beit midrash, and a jewish library.
We will be happy to accommodate all those wishing to visit the capital of Ukraine, as well as tourist groups.

On location and room reservation please call +380956247083 and +380639576260.

Sincerely yours,
Hotel Manager
Chaim Burman


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