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Your Davening Will Never Be The Same

by breslov.org

All week long, The Breslov Siddur for Weekdays helps you understand and appreciate the daily prayers from a Breslov perspective. Now, BRI is proud to announce the near-completion of Breslov Siddur for Shabbos & Festivals

For thousands of years, and through the generations, the Siddur has been handed down as a treasured inheritance for every Jew. Now, you can be part of the Siddur tradition. For a limited time only, until The Breslov Siddur for Shabbos and Festivals goes to print, you have the opportunity to dedicate a prayer in memory of a loved one, in honor of a special person or as a Divine merit for a special blessing.

As a special bonus, all partners of $500 or more will receive a limited-edition leather bound copy of the Breslov Siddur for Shabbos and Festivals. By sponsoring a page for $180, you will receive a free copy of the Siddur.

Click here to make a dedication


Download (PDF, 4.46MB)

Download (PDF, 362KB)

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