The Class: Are you still joyful from being so close to Hashem during the Yom Tov season? Do you still feel uplifted from feeling that special connection with Hashem? Are you eagerly awaiting your next spiritual encounter? If you’re like most of us, you’ve already highlighted the days of Chanukah on your calendar. But, while it seems that Chanukah is the next holiday, we must remember not to overlook the most precious day of all, the holy day of deep spiritual renewal—Shabbat.

This semester we’ll discuss a lesson Rebbe Nachman taught on Shabbat Chanukah, December 17, 1808, and Reb Noson’s corresponding lesson in Likutey Halachot. We’ll learn the key elements you need to know in order to derive the maximum benefits of Shabbat and Chanukah. 

The Series: Reb Noson, Rebbe Nachman’s leading student and scribe, tells us that the depth and breadth of Rebbe Nachman’s unique teachings show us how improve ourselves and get closer to Hashem. In his singular work, Likutey Halachot, Reb Noson extrapolates from Rebbe Nachman’s works to uncover rich insights into the Shulchan Aruch (the Code of Jewish Law), a text that is often misperceived as dry, dusty, or irrelevant. Likutey Halachot is bursting with inspirational explications of halacha (Jewish law), via the light of Breslov Chassidut, scripture, and the Kabbalastic masters.

As we learn the text, students will begin to see the world through the eyes of the ultimate Breslover, Reb Noson. In this series, you will explore the deeper meaning of the Jewish laws and learn the Reb Noson’s advice for achieving spiritual growth. This is halacha the way it was meant to be learned.

Topics include:

  • Gratitude
  • Seeking halachic guidance and clarity
  • Four kinds of speech, and how we can supercharge them for maximum efficacy
  • The real power of Shabbat
  • Discovering the Unity of Hashem in our fragmented reality
  • Legal right of partners sharing a courtyard
  • Chanukah

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Tuesdays, 9:00 pm EDT; 6:00 pm PDT (1 Hour)


Tuesday October 16 through December 11 (no class December 4)


Beginner through Advanced, Everyone Welcome.


Eliyahu Hecht


Likutey Halachot, Hilchot Shutafim B’karka, Halacha 2; Likutey Moharan Tinyana 2

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Eliyahu Hecht

Reb Eliyahu in his own words: “Healing and growing from past challenges, understanding how to integrate all aspects of life, discovering new pathways with which to relate to ourselves, our world and our G-d are just a few of the ways that Rebbe Nachman has enhanced my life. It’s important to remember that life is experiential, and many lessons are learned through trial and error. I’m excited to share what he I’ve learned with others, especially in an interactive setting where ideas can be collaboratively and personally developed.” Eliyahu Hecht discovered Breslov chassidus in his mid 40's, which gave him a great vantage point from which to identify and relate to the power and wisdom of Rebbe Nachman's teachings. Reb Eliyahu lives in Elizabeth, NJ with his family, where he leads a weekly chaburah in Breslov thought.

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