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Focus on the Good Points

by Yehudis Golshevsky

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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…


G-d’s way is to focus on the good. Even if there are things which are not so good, He only looks for the good. How much more do we have to avoid focusing on the faults of our friends. We are obligated to seek only the good—always!
(Likutei Moharan II:17)


What does this mean to me?


The faculty of judgment is one of our most powerful tools. If we really knew just how potent it is, we would certainly be more careful about how we used it. The problem is that criticism comes easy…too easy. We can always find fault in what others do or fail to do. But if we use our faculty of judgment to find the good points and focus on the positive, we can bring the entire world to the side of merit and worthiness.

The lesson in Likutey Moharan that details this process of positive judgment is known as Azamra [L.M. I:282], and it is the only one about which the Rebbe said, “Go with this lesson, constantly!” Keep it in mind and practice it, always.



A prayer:


Master of the World, all Your holy people
are precious stones in Your crown.
Help me search for their good points
and judge them favorably.

(Between Me and You, p. 224)

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Your Feedback:

Thank you, I really needed it this morning. This message is right about me – today even more than in the past:
During my life I have become so lost
that I wonder whether my days
can really be called living at all.

The one line message from Rebbe Nachman is precious: “I came into the world to bring Jewish souls close to G-d“.

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מאמרים קשורים


Michal Kalish December 10, 2012 - 9:13 am

Chanuka Seme’ach
I attend your Sunday night shiur I come with Yehudis Danan from Har Nof. I heard that you are planning a trip to Uman after Lag B’Omer. Can we talk about this during Chanuka
my number is 0544 894 600, home 02 651 2861. I have 3 other women who would want to join. Looking forward to speaking with you. Michal.

Yehudis December 10, 2012 - 9:16 am

A freilichen Chanukah, Michal!
Yes, we are planning another trip after Lag b”Omer and I’ll be in touch, b’ezras Hashem.


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