We are happy to share a wonderful new booklet we received written by Rabbi Avrohom Zvi Kluger entitled “Yichud of Hisbodedus” on the topic of Rebbe Nachman’s style of meditation. This is a deep work and uses a relationship based approach to explain how each of us can attain complete unification with God through the teachings of Rebbe Nachman. It was translated by Reb Ozer Bergman of BRI fame.


Download (PDF, 4.82MB)

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  1. Esther Abergel Reply

    This booklet is amazing. Full of insights into hitbodedut and with incredible depth. Thank you so much for publishing it. I hope many people merit to learn it. Hitbodedut truly is a lifetime work. May we all have hatzlacha in speaking to Hashem.

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