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Out To The Field – “Even Tiny Unimportant Details”

by An Aspiring Breslover

Continued from last week here:

Likutey Moharan I:282 – Week 3

Not making any significant progress identifying the nekudos tovos (good points) in my youngest child, I consulted with a Chassidic Rebbe who had helped me apply Azamra  to  myself many years before. This Chassidic Rebbe is very close to the teachings of Rebbe Nachman and was one of the people that I credit with helping me realize that I was really Breslover after all. When I consulted him again in regards to the difficulties I was having with my youngest child, he suggested that I:

1) Use a notebook for a 40 day period to record every good thing my youngest child did – even the tiny unimportant details;

2) Ask my wife to tell me what nekudos tovos my youngest child exhibited when I was away from home so I could see a fuller picture; and

3) Read the daily entry of nekudos tovos before saying Krias Shema al HaMita each night before I went to bed.

Finally, in order to ensure success, he mentioned that I should continue daily hisbodedus devoted to this topic, try to ignore my youngest child’s provocations when I got home each night, and pay attention to the good things in order to be complimentary of them.

Next week, I will write more about how I started becoming aware and identifying the “tiny unimportant details” and how my notebook entries started growing longer and longer.

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