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Q&A: Unemployment Problems

by Ozer Bergman

Q: I have been a follower of R’ Nachman & R’ Nosson’s since becoming observant 25 years ago. Now for the 1st time I find myself practically unemployed and it’s frightening. Are there certain tikuns? Things I should be doing?

Unemployment is frightening. If you haven’t already, make sure to tell Hashem that in your hisbodedus!


Two time-honored responses of Yidden in your situation are to say P’ HaMan daily (except Shabbos), with any or all of the short tefilos that accompany it )before and after) and to still give tzedakkah, albeit in accordance with your current means.

I would also recommend reviewing Rabbeinu zal’s Sefer HaMidos (The Aleph-Bet Book), the chapter on bitachon.

Please send me your name and I’ll do some davening for you also.


kol tuv.

Ozer Bergman

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Lezer ben Chaim Menachem January 20, 2012 - 10:39 pm

If one is unemployed, along with studying Torah and doing every that is good and righteous, would it not help as well to look for a job?

I noticed you failed to mention that little detail.

I suppose it may just be the misnaged in me talking, but is simply studying and keeping strong your faith in HaShem enough?

Did not all the great Rabbis have a day job?

Hillel: Carpenter.
Shamai: Stonemason.
Rashi: Vintner.
RAMBAM: Doctor.

Were all these great Rabbis wasting valuable time in their vocations that would have been much better spent studying Torah?

If faith in HaShem alone can heal you, you would seem to be implying that the great Rabbi RAMBAM was weak in his faith and doubted the Almighty’s ability to eal the sick, because he apparently believed that it would be helpful to discover and employ healing methods rather than to simply “believe” that you will heal only by the power of HaShem.

Was the great RAMBAM not all that great a Rabbi and a Jew after all?



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