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by Yehudis Golshevsky
Reb Nosson wrote: “The Rebbe’s most fervent wish…was for us to live his teachings on a practical level and to fulfill them according to their simple meaning. He wanted people to understand all that was implied in his words and to glean advice for themselves constantly. Whatever happens to us at any time—day or night…at home or away…young or old…in personal matters or issues at home…in our behavior towards those who are nearest and dearest or those who are most distant from us—there is no matter affecting our lives about which we cannot find in the Rebbe’s teachings sound advice and direction. This is true whether we are down, G-d forbid, or up; on any level and in every situation we face in our lives.”
(Healing Leaves, p. 114)

What does this mean to me?
I remember once meeting with a genuine Kabbalist from a long line of mekubalim who said to my husband, “How can you really understand anything of Rebbe Nachman’s great Likutei Moharan unless you are yourself a mekubal? It is all Kabbalah!” My husband wasn’t about to disagree with such a great rabbi, but after we left he said to me, “This is one of the differences between a mekubal and a chassid. No matter how lofty Rebbe Nachman’s lessons are, I know that there is always something practical and down-to-each for me to apply to my life right where I am, in every single lesson.”

In the letter brought up above, Reb Nosson emphasizes how we are to glean advice constantly from Rebb Nachman’s teachings—and we can only do this is we really apply ourselves to their study to the best of our ability.

A prayer:
O G-d,
How can I make my way through
the confusion and uncertainty
that cloud so much of what I do?
Guide me to wise teachers and mentors,
whose advice is pure
and in tune with Your Will.
Guide me to true friends,
whose counsel is caring
and promotes my best interests.
Guide me to clear, correct decisions,
to conclusions that are sound
and free of all doubt.

(The Gentle Weapon, p. 76*)

For more information about how to glean advice from Rebbe Nachman’s Torah – see Breslov Therapy.

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