Q:I was curious if there is an official (Breslov/chassidic) list of ingredients for charoses?


No, Breslov is very easy-going about these kinds of things. No hakpados. The old-timers did whatever all the simple, poverty-stricken Chassidishe families of the Ukraine did. They used apples and nuts and maybe a little wine for charoses, a little potato for karpas, horseradish for maror (romaine lettuce wasn’t available), etc.

But in Eretz Yisrael, things may have been different. I know that Reb Gedaliah made charoses like the Sefardic mekuballim with various fruits. If you want to read the research (incomplete) that Dovid Zeitlin and I did into these things, please see:


Have a chag kasher vi-sameakh

Dovid Sears

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