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You Can Move Mountains

by Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

Rebbe Nachman said, “If you believe you can destroy, believe you can repair”. This isn’t a platitude. It has profound meaning.

What the Rebbe is telling us is: If we believe that we’ve messed up some point in our lives and that we’ve made errors and poor choices; that we’ve turned our backs on our spirituality and maybe bumped and bruised our souls…

If we believe that we feel disconnected from Hashem and feel that maybe He doesn’t want to have a relationship with us…

If we believe all of this “stuff” about ourselves and our lives, that’s pretty incredible. It’s actually a big positive.

It means that you believe that you have a soul. You believe life is a spiritual endeavor. And you believe that there’s a Creator whom you can have a relationship with.

Take the power of that belief and use it to move forward.

Rebbe Nachman and many other Jewish sages and tzaddikim told us that we can always return. Hashem always wants us. We can always come back to our true selves. And we can always build a new relationship with Hashem. We just have to start over.

We also have to harness the power of this belief and use it to believe in ourselves. If you believe you have a soul, and you believe your soul comes from a very lofty, Holy Place…and you believe that you are truly worthwhile…and that your life is worth living well—that’s when you can move mountains.

May you have a day in which you believe in the power to grow and change.

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