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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…


“Reb Nosson wrote: “Every day you must view yourself as if you had been born just on that day. You should feel as though you have nothing in the world but that day alone. Do not burden yourself by thinking about either the past or the future. Even if you do engage in business and the demands of your livelihood—and these do relate to the future—your main concern must still be for today. For who knows what tomorrow will bring?”
(Healing Leaves, p. 44)

What does this mean to me?


Rebbe Nachman taught a lesson known to his students as “Hayom”…-“Today”. In the Torah, G-d told the Jewish people to stay bound to the Torah that He taught us “today,” and the sages said, “The Torah’s words should always be as fresh as though you had just received them today.” Really, do we have anything other than today? Am I living in any other time than today? If I feel weighed down by what I’ve done wrong in the past or anxious about how much I need to do in the future, I will lose the only day I have, which is today. And, Reb Nosson adds, a person can exert energy in his Divine service for just twenty-four hours to an extent that, if he knew he had to keep it up for a lifetime, would paralyze him. Yet if he lives just one day at a time unburdened by the past or future, he is free to accomplish everything possible during that short span. And when it comes to his livelihood, he can also manage to place his trust in G-d just one day at a time.

A prayer:


Merciful G-d, have pity on me
and keep my mind from the confusion that comes
from focusing on yesterday and tomorrow rather than today.
Help me so that my living in the present
will bring me closer to You,
and renew me daily so that my hours
will be always brimming with more holiness, purity, awe of You
and devotion to You.
Help me never to put off for tomorrow
what I can really do for You today.
(Likutei Tefillot I:106)

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Love the site, love the learning because it’s clear, concise and very relevant.

Cannot express how timely these are. thank you so much!

Great quotation! I had forgotten that one. As a professional mediator, I should try to work the concept into my practice to help others get past impasse. Thank you!

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